The Advantages of Water Penis Pumps

water-penis-pumpPumps, in general, have earned somewhat of a bad reputation in the male enhancement industry. This is primarily due to the fact that they’ve been proven in numerous studies to be less effective than other alternatives such as stretchers and even pills. The old pumps used air as a way to create a vacuum, which was ineffective because getting the necessary seal around the member was often very difficult to accomplish. Fortunately, companies have responded to the concerns of men and developed new, innovative pumps which utilize the power of water in order to create a powerful vacuum seal around the penis.

Water Penis Pumps Are Easy To Use

These pumps can be used with any shower, bath, or conventional water source in the home. Those models which are the most popular are typically designed for the greatest comfort and often feature special padding which allows for a vacuum to be produced while preventing discomfort that many users experienced with the older models. Other advantages of these pumps include:

  • Consistent Results
  • High Rate of Success
  • Excellent Product To Compliment Penis Exercises
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean

The water penis pumps can be applied to the member in just a matter of seconds, making them very convenient choices for male enhancement. For example, many men have made using the pumps part of their daily routine and apply them while showering after workouts.

These Pumps Are Up To 250% More Effective Than The Older Ones

It wasn’t that air pumps didn’t work, so much as they simply never worked very well for the majority of men who tried them. Fortunately, water penis pumps have been shown in clinical studies to be more effective than the ones which use air.

They effectively lengthen the penis by increasing the flow of blood into the inner tissues of the shaft. Additionally, girth is improved by expanding the muscles of the penis shaft with each use. Essentially, the pump is a great way to exercise the penis and over the course of time improve length, width, and function.

The Safest Male Enhancement Choice

Every enhancement product comes with unique risks that should be fully understood by prospective users beforehand. Stretchers, for example, can injure the member by causing damage that can take weeks or months to heal properly. Pills typically contain different herbal ingredients which may produce allergic reactions in men consuming them. The old air pumps compressed the penis, making it uncomfortable for some and potentially causing injuries as well.

With water pumps, however, lukewarm water is used to lubricate and cushion the member as it expands within the tube. Furthermore, compression from water is substantially less than from air. So there is little risk of injury when used appropriately. In fact, many industry experts now acknowledge that water pumps are the safest enhancement products to purchase.