Do Penis Enlargement Devices Really Work?

If you’ve ever read a magazine or surfed a website that has a male target audience, then you’ve probably seen hundreds of advertisements for sexual enhancement products. They tend to pop up on body building, pornography, and men’s health websites quite frequently.

At some point, every man has wondered if the penis enlargement devices advertised actually work or if it is all just a scam. These devices differ from other enhancement products in that the manufacturers promise implicitly or directly that their device can help men to increase the length of the penis.

But is that even possible?

Well, the answer may surprise you.

Pumps Versus Stretchers Versus Other Devices

First, it is important to understand just how these devices are supposed to work in theory. The three most common types of devices available for purchase today include:


  • Pumps. These are widely available and have existed for several decades now.

    The pumps work by using either air or water to create a vacuum that then forces additional blood into the tissues of the penis, expanding the length and girth of the member.

    By using a pump over time, the gains in size are expected to become permanent, so that men can enjoy having a larger penis.

  • penis-stretcher

  • Stretchers. These devices, on the other hand, are designed so that the penis is inserted into several straps and then stretched using the force of tension.

    This stretching allows for the muscles of the member to become larger in size and for blood flow to improve through the shaft of the penis.

    Just the same as with using a pump, by stretching the penis as directed by the device manufacturer, the size of the member will eventually increase.

  • Other Devices. A number of jelqing devices have come onto the market in recent years, which allow for men to more easily perform the popular jelqing exercises that are believed to increase both the girth and length of the penis. With these particular devices, the penis is squeezed and then stroked in order to improve blood flow down the shaft to the tip. By doing this frequently as part of a regular exercise routine, men can permanently increase the size of their penises.

So Which One Is The Best Penis Enlargement Device

Well, the good news is that all quality devices have been found to be effective to an extent when subjected to clinical research. That being said, there are pros and cons to every device.

penis-enlargementFor example, while stretching and jelqing devices have been shown to produce the greatest improvement in penis length, they don’t work so well at improving the girth of the member, especially compared to pumps.

Also, while these devices are all safe when used as directed, there is the possibility that one can sustain an injury if they’re used too aggressively or incorrectly. These injuries can often be very painful and may take weeks or even months to heal properly.

Ultimately, choosing the best device depends largely on which one the customer is more comfortable using. Stretching devices are sometimes expected to be worn for hours each day, for example, which can be uncomfortable or inconvenient for many men.

Also, while enlargement is certainly possible, it can never be guaranteed. That’s why many men ultimately have to use a number of different devices before finding the one that works best for them. This can take time and be very frustrating, but the gains in size are ultimately worth the effort.