Penis Enlargement – Do You Really Want It?

At some point in every man’s life, he ponders what it would be like to have a bigger penis.

For some men, particularly those who suffer from feelings of inadequacy, the issue is much more complex. These men feel that their penises aren’t functioning correctly or simply aren’t large enough to satisfy their sexual partners. As such, they often feel frustrated, depressed, or even embarrassed when dwelling on the size of their penises.

The good news, of course, is that numerous products are available which claim to enlarge the penis when used as directed. The only question is to what extent are these men willing to go in order to achieve the results that they demand.

penis-sizeA Man’s Perspective On Penis Enlargement

Almost every man when surveyed says that he would like to have a bigger, larger dick.

The penis, after all, is one of the most important organs of the body for the human male, as so much of our identity is influenced by how we perceive our own sexual prowess. Those who are satisfied with the length and girth of their members, for example, tend to be more confident and successful in other avenues of their life such as work when compared to those who have inadequacy issues.

Of course, when the average man thinks of increasing their penis size, they’re ultimately thinking of achieving larger erections. The size of a flaccid penis is relatively unimportant when compared to having stiffer, more intense erections.

That’s why so many products such as pumps, stretchers, and pills, ultimately work to enlarge the penis by first increasing blood flow to the tissues of the shaft and tip. This increased flow of blood helps for men to more easily achieve stronger erections that are often perceived by both the man and his partner as increasing the size of the penis. Using these products can eventually increase sex drive as well, since men respond to better erections by gaining more confidence.

what-women-wantA Woman’s Perspective On Enlargement

Studies have shown that women tend to be less obsessed about the size of their partner’s penis than most men would imagine.

In fact, when sexual researchers delve deeper into female sexuality, what they discover is that women are mostly turned on by seeing a man fully erect. This is really simple to understand: an intense erection means that a woman feels desired by her partner and they respond positively to those feelings.

In simple terms, women are much more impressed with a stiff erection than a large flaccid penis. Fortunately, enhancement devices and pills are specially designed to help men achieve better erections which often give the appearance of having a bigger penis.

The result is a more satisfying sexual encounter not just for the man but for his partner also. So men definitely want a larger penis. However, the most important consideration is improving erections that result in a longer, wider member during intercourse.